Mobility Masterclass: Gearing up for Global Mobility 2.0



This workshop will look at recent challenges within global mobility posed by Covid-19 and border restrictions. Archana and Nandu work collaboratively, but in different departments and locations within Atkins, so they will give examples of how some moves have been affected as a result of the changed business and mobility environment and how they resolved issues together.

• How have the nature of moves or reasons why we move people evolved?

• How have the business challenges changed?

• How have we adapted our GM process to suit the changing needs posed by the external environment and its impact on the internal environment?

• An explanation of the ‘4-step’ approach to reboot your GM experience

• What should be in your ‘GM toolkit for version 2.0’? • What are the guiding questions to ask to enable the transition?

• Top tips on transitioning to the new normal

HR Business Partner, Head of HR (Asia)
Head of International Assignments